The Balancing Act

Sustainable development
is dealing with our future
in the present time!
Taking into account that
the result of present actions
will effect other people
another place, at a another time.

Sustainable development
is dealing with an environmental, economical and social fair future – your future, our future and their future.

Make your mind up and act, be a part of the development. If you don’t, you will be a part of the development anyway!

A sculptural manifestation for
Education for Sustainable Development

Eco-net from Denmark
encourages people from every part of the world
to join The Balancing Act.
We need partners as well as sponsors!

Eco-net from Denmark has, working together with the Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot, made a sculptural manifestation for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). A series of sculptures has been made as a symbol and an eye cather for ESD, and is meant to create attention for UN’s Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014). This worldwide project on Education for Sustainable Development has been named The Balancing Act. The sculptures symbolize the difficult balance, which is the challenge for sustainability.

The objective is to set up the sculptures of The Balancing Act worldwide.
In time, the ten sculptures, one for each of the seven values and three goals
of The Balancing Act, will be seen in Europe, Greenland, North America,
South America, Africa, India, China, Siberia, Japan and Australia.

We invite you to join The Balancing Act and the important work, which is a part of the project
and the process for a sustainable development. We want institutions to join the project and to commit to work for the seven values and three goals of The Balancing Act. The three goals are supported by a number of means to reach the three main goals.

The 3 Main Goals of The Balancing Act:
1 Education must cover sustainability in theory and practise.
2 The running of the institution must be sustainable.
3 The institution commits itself to create public information and political debate on sustainable development.

For further information and contact:

Lars Myrthu-Nielsen, Secretarial manager Eco-net / Network for Ecological Education and Practice Svendborgvej 9, Ollerup,
DK-5762 Vester Skerninge, Denmark
Phone: +45 62 24 43 24 / Mobil: +45 40 73 43 24
Skype: larsmyrthu-nielsen
Fax: +45 62 24 43 23
E-mail: |

Jens Galschiot, Danish sculptor
Art In Defense of Humanism – AIDOH
Banevaenget 22, DK-5270 Odense N, Denmark
Phone: +45 66 18 40 58


Read more about the concept here: The Balancing Act presentation and A4-flyer made for World Social Forum 2007 about The Balancing Act worldwide

Eco-net’s portal for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development:




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